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Evershine Launches a series of Dim to Warm LED Lamps
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The more you dim, the warmer the light!

Evershine is proud to introduce you a wide range of Dim to warm(also named Sunset Dimming) LED Lighting products which perfectly simulates the characteristics of halogen and incandescent. The color temperature of Dim to Warm lamps can be smoothly changed from warm white (2900K) down to extra warm white(2000K) when the lamps are dimmed from 100% down
to 10%. Instead of multiple lens arrays in most products on the market, Evershine Dim to Warm lamps are equipped with single COB LED Chips which allows better beam consistency and controls the glare and light leakage to the minimum.
With the same lighting effect and natural feeling as halogen and incandescent lamps, Evershine Dim to warm lamps create a warm, intimate and cozy ambience for hotel rooms, restaurants, bars and etc. which is a great help to improve the customers experiences. They deliver a warmer light when dimmed, provide exceptionally long life, energy saving, quality light and contains no mercury.
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