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Evershine is an important manufacturer and exporter of design lighting Sources as well as fixtures of commercial lighting , characterized by Glare-free,energy-efficiency and state-of-the art design on the international level. We provided lighting products with an imaginative appearance and The supreme comfort feeling of people. Evershine offering perfect lighting solutions for in-house area.

Evershine Lighting who named itself as “your lighting solution expert” is committed to developing and supplying LED Lights that is truly sustainable, reliable and energy-efficient as well as integrated eco-friendly solutions.


With a view to create a comfortable living and working environment for peoples around the world, Evershine never stop to develop and innovate generation after generation of new and energy-saving LED Lighting products. After it’s establishment in 2009, Evershine has heavily invested in research and development of anti-glare LED Lighting products. Now it has a wide series of anti-glare LED spot, Led track lights as well as fixtures available which are the perfect choice for retail stores, shopping mall, Hotels, Restaurants, bars, office building and etc. 

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